My Friends

As I grow, I am making a lot of friends.  I always love to play!  That too, playing with friends is just amazing.  Oh! My Godz!  I am already four years old.  Couldn’t believe this!  Time is too fast.  As my first stepping stone, I have joined my PRE-K at Diamond Element School, Gaithersburg through Bar-T.  As my mom and dad work, I have to stay at my school all day!  It is little tough for me at this stage.  Anyway, I am getting used to this and I will be fine in a few days!  Who would love when someone is controlling you?

But got to learn a lot of new things and make as many friends as I can.  Luckily, I have my friend Sahana joined with me in Diamond Elementry.  That is bit of a relief.  But she leaves in the afternoon and goes to a different day care as her mom and dad works as well.  I am making a few friends like Karen, Julian, Syed, Gowswani and Gayathri.   But guess what, my Dad comes at 3 PM and picks me up!  Thanks Dad!  I will be all set to stay longer as I make more friends in my class.

Of course, I have to thank my teachers, Ouderkrick, Mcateer and Christina for taking care of me really well!

Also I am going to the Little Gym to learn some basics of the Gymnastics, Tap and Ballet dance every saturday from 10.30 AM to 11.30 PM and this is one of the ways to make more friends.  It is more fun!  I am really loving it.   My teacher Kabby helps me learn the basics of Gymnastics and dance at the Little Gym.   She is really caring and awesome.  Just wanted to thank her in my site, for teaching me the wonderful things.

Just forgot to mention, Shree!   Shree, you are such a wonderful friend of mine since I am two.  We have a lot of fun together as we stay in the same apartment.

And my little Sister (my Shiva uncle’s sweety) Rihalya!  She lives in Portsmouth and she is such a lovely sister of mine.  Love you Rihalya kutty!

Hey, am still open, do you want to be a friend of mine?  Don’t feel shy, just leave me a note, I will be in touch with you.

Take care, love you friends!  Catcha later!