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Baby Names

I just thought, I really got a cute name.  As I am too little to think and also to put up a website, my mommy and dad thought of having a baby names collection for others.  It has been compiled with tons of  baby names and its meaning.  I am pretty confident that the baby names will be helpful for the new parents to find a unique baby name for their baby.  After all, making others happy is the greatest thing in the world.  I hope, my baby names collections would make this happen for sure.

World Baby Names Collection

Baby names for indian parents is very useful and has been greatly appreciated by so many parents for putting up such a nice collection of baby names.   So I have decided to put a World baby names collection for parents across the globe.  The idea is to have the country wise baby names and religion based baby names.  I am sure, this will be pretty useful for all the parents.  Naming a kid is art and it is the identity given to the new born by their parents.  May be we can think, it is the first gift the child gets in this beautiful world by their loved ones.

Simplified Recipes

My mommy is a real good cook.  I always love to eat whatever she cooks.  Again in the interest of others, she has just started her South Indian Recipes blog.   To her surprise, there were lots of very good comments about the way she simplifies the recipes.  That really encouraged her and made the South Indian Samayal even better with whatever that she knows.  Of course, my mommy knows a lot and she is keep writing in her South Indian Recipes blog almost every day.

Of course, she cooks specially for me and for sure, kids would love to eat these foods.  Then she started to update her South Indian Samayal blog with Kids Recipes as well.

Interview Questions And Answers

My mommy and dad are Information Technology professionals.  They have lots of experience in the IT industry and again, just started the Interview questions and answers site to help others to quickly refresh their memories on their core technology before the interview.  Everybody are too good at what they do.  But still, at times, it definitely requires a refreshment of what they are doing and also what they are not in touch for a while.  The technology interview questions and answers will help even the beginners to learn interview specific questions and the experienced can have a quick glance to refresh, just before the actual interview.

Good luck!  Keep watching for more useful sites!  Write to me, if you have any idea that would help others.  Look at my email-id in the contact me section.